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Data in the Clouds: Cloud Storage Offers Businesses Flexibility & Convenience

Is on-premise storage a thing of the past? Is all storage inevitably moving to the cloud? If you’re in IT, you are no doubt keeping a close eye on the shift taking place in data storage infrastructure.

Organizations are increasingly adopting cloud storage options because they need more capacity, flexibility and a better way to manage storage costs. Additionally, many industries are taking advantage of remote-work options, giving their employees the ability to complete their tasks from home or while on the go.

It’s not surprising then that many businesses are supplementing their current storage with cloud data storage. Continue reading Data in the Clouds: Cloud Storage Offers Businesses Flexibility & Convenience

Uber Settles Data Breach Investigation for $148 Million

On September 26th, Uber agreed to pay a record $148 million to settle allegations that the company intentionally concealed a major data breach in 2016.

The settlement ends a multistate investigation that found the ride-hailing company paid hackers $100,000 to conceal the breach, which exposed the names, email addresses, and cellphone numbers of 57 million users.

Uber failed to notify the 57 million individuals of the data breach and only provided public notice of the breach a year after it happened in late 2016.

Uber’s Response

Uber said in a November 2017 statement from CEO Dara Khosrowshahi that the breach was carried out by two hackers outside the company. The hackers accessed user data on a third-party, cloud-based service the company uses to store information. The hackers, however, were not able to download users’ Social Security numbers, bank account information, credit card numbers, dates of birth, and trip history, according to the company. Continue reading Uber Settles Data Breach Investigation for $148 Million

UK Small Businesses Struggle with Data Storage

According to recent research by Seagate Technology, a world leader in data storage solutions, many small and medium-sized UK companies (SMBs) are having a difficult time transitioning to newer, more secure methods of data storage and management.

Seagate polled a sample of 1,006 UK SMB employees and found that 23% of SMBs still rely on USB drives for their primary company data storage, 35% use a centralized on-site server and 29% use cloud-based storage solutions.

A Significant Security Risk

Not only is storing company data in differing locations and technologies time-consuming for employees, it also represents a significant security risk. Using a central server or cloud storage allows businesses to store many different types of data in one location, on top of having other benefits such as scheduling regular backups – resulting in a safe, secure and cost-effective way to centralize company data. Continue reading UK Small Businesses Struggle with Data Storage