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5 Top Cybersecurity Myths Revealed! Protect Your Organization Today!

How much do you know about cyber risks? If the answer is, “Less than I should,” then your company may be at risk. A data breach can be costly. To minimize your cyber risks, learn the reality behind these cybersecurity myths!

Myth 1: IT is responsible for cybersecurity.

Reality: Everyone is responsible for cybersecurity.

IT may create and enforce cybersecurity policies and procedures, but everyone plays a role in keeping a company safe from cyber attacks. For example, phishing email attacks present a big risk. Effective employee training can reduce the chances of this type of breach and also reduce the harm it causes.

Myth 2: My organization doesn’t have anything of value to hackers.

Reality: Every organization is a target. Continue reading 5 Top Cybersecurity Myths Revealed! Protect Your Organization Today!

NIST Updates ICS Security Guide

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) issued an update to its Guide to Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security. ICS involves the hardware and software that control the information technologies that gather and process data. It’s commonly used in factories and infrastructure systems.

The update includes guidance on threats, vulnerabilities, risk management, recommended practices, and security capabilities and tools.

With the increased connectivity of software applications, Internet-enabled devices, and other IT offerings into ICS, the vulnerability of the systems has also increased. The NIST guidance is a good framework for developing a plan to secure ICS.