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Microsoft Annual Security Report: Phishing Attacks Jump 250%

In 2018, Microsoft’s Security team analyzed more than 6.5 trillion security signals a day to identify security trends that expose organizations to significant cyber risks. Here’s what they found!

Phishing is Way Up!

After scanning more than 470 billion email messages sent and received in its Office 365 platform, Microsoft found that the number of phishing emails grew an alarming 250 percent. Making matters worse, techniques used by scammers are becoming more proficient and harder to detect because scammers are beginning to diversify the phishing attack techniques.

Diverse Attack Methods

According to the report, techniques used by attackers include domain spoofing & impersonation, user impersonation, text lures, credential phishing links, phishing attachments, and links to fake cloud storage locations. These sophisticated techniques make phishing emails appear legitimate, while presenting malicious files and links for a user to access. Continue reading Microsoft Annual Security Report: Phishing Attacks Jump 250%

Ticketmaster UK Discloses Third-Party Data Breach

Ticketmaster UK notified thousands of customers, roughly five percent of its entire customer base, that they may be at risk of credit card fraud due to malware found in a third-party customer support service. Ticketmaster UK customers who bought a concert, theater, or sporting event ticket between February 2018 and June 23, 2018 may have been affected.

The Breach

The breach didn’t occur at Ticketmaster itself. Rather, the breach occurred at Inbenta, a third-party provider of AI-powered live chat widgets, through the use of malicious code delivered through the Inbenta live chat widget. The malicious code collected Ticketmaster customer data such as names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, payment details, and Ticketmaster login details.

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