COMING SOON: New Posting Requirements for All DC Employers

Attention DC Employers, on October 23, 2018, the District of Columbia Mayor signed the “Tipped Wage Workers Fairness Amendment Act of 2018.”  While this new law primarily affects employers of tipped workers, there are two elements of the new law that apply to all DC employers.

Under the new law, the Mayor of DC is required to create a website setting forth employees’ rights and benefits under D.C.’s anti-discrimination and labor laws (including wage and leave laws), and providing resources for consultation.

In addition to this new website, all DC employers will be required to:

  • To post a new poster containing the new internet website address and list of laws, along with other information, in a conspicuous location, specifically including timeclocks and breakrooms.
    • This new poster, which is not yet available, will replace the individual posting requirements under the various laws.
  • To provide a binder or other compilation of the information from the website at each poster location. This information must be updated monthly.

NOTE:  This new law will take effect following a 30-day period of Congressional review and publication in the D.C. Register.