REMINDER – Illinois Business Expense Reimbursement Requirement Begins January 1st

Attention Illinois employers, starting January 1, 2019, all Illinois employers will be required to reimburse employees for “all necessary expenses that are incurred by the employee with the employee’s scope of employment and that are directly related to services performed for the employer.”  We previously reported on this new law in “NEW LAW – Illinois To Require Business Expense Reimbursement.”

In preparing for this new law, it is recommended that employers take note of the wide array of “business-related expenses” that an employee can incur, like

  • Mileage for work-related travel
  • Personal cell phone use for work purposes (including checking work emails)
  • Work-related expenses for remote employees (eg internet access, office supplies)
  • Costs associated with work-related travel (mileage, but also hotels, meals, air fare, parking, etc)

It is recommended that all Illinois employers develop a written business expense reimbursement policy that sets forth the steps an employee must follow to have their business expenses reimbursed.  Remember, employees are not entitled to reimbursement if they fail to follow an established, written expense reimbursement policy.