NEW LAW: Cincinnati Passes Salary History Ban

On March 13, 2019, the  city of Cincinnati passed  Ordinance No 0083-2019 that prohibits employers from asking about or relying on the prior salary history of job applicants.

Under the new ordinance, which goes into effect on March 13, 2020 and applies to employers who have 15+ employees in Cincinnati, employers are prohibited from:

  • Inquiring about the salary history of an applicant for employment
  • Screening job applicants based on their current or prior wages, benefits, other compensation, or salary histories, including requiring that an applicant’s prior wages, benefits, other compensation or salary history satisfy minimum or maximum criteria; or
  • Relying on the salary history of an applicant in deciding whether to offer employment to an applicant, or in determining the salary, benefits, or other compensation for such applicant during the hiring process, including the negotiation of an employment contract; or
  • Refusing to hire or otherwise disfavoring, injuring, or retaliating against an applicant for not disclosing his or her salary history to an employer.

The new ordinance does not prohibit employers from asking applicants:

  • whether they have expectations regarding salary and
  • for prior productivity information, such as sales or revenue reports.

Finally, the new ordinance requires employers to provide the pay scale for the position if an applicant who has received a conditional offer of employment asks for it.

It is recommended that Cincinnati employers review and update their hiring practices and employment applications to verify they are in compliance with the new law.